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Dentures are basically a frame or structure which are removable and are used for the purpose of holding a single artificial tooth or more artificial teeth. Same day dentures are quite good option for majority of people having dental issues and also works extremely well for them. In case you are in need of denture and you also want to have your teeth extracted then to be very honest, it would be a great investment. When you get your teeth extracted your mouth is filled with unflattering holes that are quite unpleasant. Instead of facing those holes you can have same day dentures placed in your mouth. They will make it look like a whole set of new and complete teeth. They also provide us with two facilities. One is that they reduce bleeding and the second is that provide quick healing process.

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You have to keep your dentures even after extraction because of the swollen gums. In case you remove your dentures, you won’t be able to put it back until you get rid of swelling of gums. The disadvantage you face because of these dentures is that they only last till three to six months at maximum. People who use dentures, after falling off of previous dentures, keep getting the new ones. There is no way of fixing them once you get them. People face some cases like getting dentures of wrong color or wrong alignment. In such cases they cannot do anything to, all they can do is to wait for it to fall down and then they can get a new one.

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