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Teeth are the essential part of not only the face but also of the digestive system. Digestion of solid food is impossible without teeth. Key role in dental health is performed by the food that one takes in. food enriched in calcium is crucial for teeth development. Vitamins and proteins are also playing an integral role in teeth health. Calcium is chiefly attained through milk, yoghurt and milk products. Several dairy products serve the purpose.

How To Family Dental Care

Cleaning of teeth is imperative. Dental health ensures overall physical health because when one eats, food passes through the mouth and then goes to stomach and internal body organs. If mouth is not properly cleaned, germs and bacteria also pass through the whole body causing various diseases and infections. To prevent infections, dental cleanliness is essential. Personal hygiene comprises of dental cleanliness also.

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Using a toothbrush and fluoride toothpaste twice a day ensures good dental health. Fluoride strengthens teeth and reduces decay of teeth while preventing tooth enamel. Toothbrush must be replaced after 3 to four months. Retainers, dentures and other appliances must be cleaned, and soak them in a solution i.e. for cleansing purpose. Scheduled checkups with the dentist are recommended by several dental experts. Professional cleaning is very suitable because it treats those regions of mouth that are inaccessible by own.  This practice must be experienced by the whole family because family dental care is as important as an individual dental care.

Using toothpaste alone not only cleans the teeth but also refreshes the mouth and cleans the gums. Some physician suggests mouthwash to prevent any microbial and bacterial infections.  Mouthwash consists of spearmint and fluoride that refreshes breath and eliminates germs.

Children eat sweets, chocolates and chew candies that stick to gums and produce cavities. Cavities are the actual places to nourish germs. These are holes which cause damage to the teeth structure. For children, it is recommended to clean the teeth after every meal. Soft toothbrushes are to be used for kids and old people. Those people that sleep without cleaning teeth or not have a habit of doing it regularly are a victim of many health problems. Plaque accumulated on the teeth surface gradually converted into tartar that destroys the upper layer of the tooth and stains become visible.  These factors inflame the gums, irritate, and toxin accumulate.

Teeth floss is crucial before brushing the teeth daily. Pink gums are a sign of health and firmness. It removes the plaque from teeth and gums. Sweet food items and soft drinks damage teeth frequently. More exposure of these food items to teeth demands a frequent cleaning treatment. Gum diseases have some symptoms i.e. swollen or red gums, bleeding gums while brushing the teeth, loose teeth, and bad breath. There are electrical toothbrushes also available that works better than the manual toothbrushes. These should be used after consulting the dentist. All above prescribed facts are important to keep one and family fit. Family dental care ensures better personal hygiene.

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